¨ I founded AgroScrum on the belief we must assume the challenge of identifying where to work from in order to capitalize the great opportunities Argentina has in foodstuff production. And decided to manage my company under the philosophy of Scrum; a Rugby symbol that shows how coordinated forces can enhance their fortress over the sum of the each individual¨.

Gonzalo Begino, November, 2011


Symbolic Capital

We focus in the capture of Symbolic Capital to shorten distances across the globe and provide each counterpart a good approach to animal proteins and foodstuffs originated in the Southern Cone on one side, and sales worldwide for its producers on the other.

Customer´s Ideas

We commit with our customer´s ideas, supporting them with strong fundamentals, turning them into an investment project and getting it done with the right professionals and time at a fair cost.


We bridge the gap between good ideas and action for Agro Industry projects, offering turn-key solutions.


We seek to provide as much buyers and producers possible, with animal proteins and export opportunities accordingly, within the sector global map, with the clear determination of deepening the capture of symbolic capital in order to turn our team members into experts for every market.

We seek to turn as much fundamentals possible on the opportunities in agro industry worldwide into genuine projects; creating value in those communities and its stakeholders.


Achieving our Mission and the Vision that defines our goals, depend on the commitment we have assumed in AgroScrum with the Values on which our company relies:

  • Value creation.

  • Productivity and profitability.

  • Quality

  • Research, development and innovation.

  • Orientation towards the specific needs of our clients and their industries.

  • Environmental sustainability.

  • Corporate social responsibility.

  • Teamwork.

  • Leadership.

  • Passion.

AgroScrum S.A. was founded by Gonzalo Begino after his successful experience in a start-up (greenfield) for the production and processing of poultry that began in 2004 encouraged by the evidence of a deep study on the comparative advantages enjoyed by Argentina for transforming vegetal into animal protein and aiming to the export markets.

The knowledge and experience acquired within the scope of agro-industry, in investment production projects, starting from scratch till the access to international markets, gave birth to AgroScrum S.A.; a company involved with production projects and trading worldwide.